Second hand shop finds #2

Recent finds, again from the St Vincent de Paul Society in Islington. They are literally around the corner from my work so I drop in at least once a week during my lunch break to see what’s new.

  • A lovely tablecloth with lace trim. I think it’s hand made and it’s really simple and beautiful.
  • A great JacquiE top for work. This is the second similar top I’ve found in recent weeks. I love getting quality work wear for a fraction of the price!

Photo 27-02-2016, 3 35 39 PM

In second hand heaven news, Raid My Wardrobe is on this coming weekend! Can’t wait!!


Second hand shop finds #1

Despite the title, this is in no way shape or form my first foray into second hand shopping. More like my 300th.

But this is the first post of my finds in what I hope will be a series. Since reading Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth L. Cline, I’ve been working hard to only buy second hand, exceptional quality, or absolutely necessary.

So today’s finds, from the St Vincent de Paul Society in Islington!

File 10-02-2016, 7 54 38 PM

That cute little apron was only $4!!! It’s so damn adorable I couldn’t leave it there.

The patterns were all uncut, modern, larger size designs, 50cents each:

  • Simplicity 5403 costume poodle skirts
  • Simplicity K2497 Cynthia Rowley dresses
  • Vogue V1041 Anne Klein suit jacket and pants
  • McCall’s 4296 evening elegance tops and skirts

The red book is Sew Easy, Sewing of Knits and Fabrics by Phyllis Cooper. It’s kind of like a text book, with plenty of notes pages that are covered in a neat scribble from a very thorough student. I really love that personal touch! And it was only $2.

And finally, I also picked up Prey by Michael Crichton for $2 as well. It will be the first of his books that I read.

So $10 total! Not bad for a 15 minute fresh air break from work.

Ticking along…

It’s now Monday and this week and weekend just gone have been project free, but productive no less.

Friday during my lunch break at work I moseyed on down to the Salvos Store to see if they had fabric. They had loads and this lot only cost me $13 😀

At least three of these remnants are stretchy knit type fabrics (I am SUCH a novice at knowing what fabrics actually are) which will be interesting. See that funky purple/pink patterned piece on the top left? I am thinking of making it into a swingy slip on skirt like this…there’s about three metres of that beauty there! Thrift shopping owns my heart 🙂

I also picked up two new skirts and a pair of pants for work, all fit perfect and the grand total for those was $18. This is one of the skirts, as worn today:

It has a ‘librarian’ quality to it, which is the look I have decided works best for me at work. Looks even cuter when I add in my glasses because the pink in my frames is the same as the pink in the skirt 🙂 The other skirt is a straight cut and I had to unpick and redo the hem on it. It’s very cute also, so I’ll try and remember to wear it tomorrow and to post a pic…bargains must be shared!

Sewing wise I took a bit of a break this week to focus on doing Sew School modules and to also take time to organise my life a little. Tonight I’m going to see if I can knock together the drawstring bag for Sew School. I am thinking the grey flower print in the above pic would make it a great beach bag…I never was one for bright colours. And there should be time tonight, dinner is already in the slow cooker! 😀