New digs

As a newly single lady I thought I’d share some pics of my new home. It’s a one bedroom apartment in the lower half of an old house. And it’s perfect! There is heaps of room for all my stuff and I have oodles of space for sewing and craft. You will see there are three main rooms: sewing/dining, living/study, bedroom nook. I love it!

IMG_0431 IMG_0432 IMG_0433IMG_0435 IMG_0436IMG_0430ย ย ย IMG_0437 IMG_0438 IMG_0439 IMG_0441 IMG_0442

In recent times this blog has been a place to lay down goals that never get achieved. This stops now. I have the following projects planned:

  • Having a go at making my own workout leggings. I picked up some great practice fabric for $4 at a Lifeline opshop. If it goes well I’m ordering Harry Potter fabric off Spoon Flower ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Making new curtains to replace the threadbare ones that came with my house. They divide off the bedroom from the living room so it’s a big job.
  • Making small curtains for kitchen because blinds don’t close properly and the street can see my dirty dishes.
  • Making a new workout bag…because I can’t have too many of those!
  • Trying out resin jewellery. If it goes well: Etsy store!
  • When I can afford Annie Sloan paint: picking a colour scheme for my home and doing up a bunch of furniture

Plans for Easter…

I am so looking forward to this long weekend…simply because I have so few plans! ๐Ÿ˜€

Family stuff seems to be at a minimum this year and I am looking to a good few days off to do whatever I feel like. Friday will be a day of rest, sewing, and whatever takes my fancy. Saturday will be much the same although I will need to buy some small Easter gifts for the family kidlets and will probably swing by Olive Tree Marketsย (more for inspiration than spending this time…I have to stop spending!). Sunday will be family day…probably lunch or similar with boyfriends family and swinging by my cousins to give kidlet presents. Iย am disappointed I am not yet organised or skilled enough to have handmade presents, but oh well…next year! ย Monday will again be for me to rest and enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

I usually have a plan but never follow it, so instead I have a list of “maybes” to tap into…things that I want to do but do not need to stress about. If I spend all my spare time sewing, so be it!

  • Sew
  • Blog about sewing
  • Start an attempt at knitting
  • Write
  • Start a writing blog
  • Play video games
  • Watch TV (not a common activity for me, so something I am allowed to indulge in!)
  • Ride bike
  • Yoga
  • Read

What do you think? I’d like to tackle at least a few of these…but this weekend is mostly about rest for me. I will definitely at least sew ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a couple of UFOs to tackle and want to finally start on the cute work dress I have planned. It involves using a real pattern for the first time in many years…eep!

I bought both of these Lisette patterns, and will be making one of the dresses ๐Ÿ™‚