80s Prom Party

For my 30th birthday party I decided to have an 80s prom theme. I’d wanted to have an 80s prom party for years, and celebrating my birth, which was right in the middle of that decade, seemed like an appropriate way to do it. I had the event in the back function area of a pub called The Blind Monk. I wanted to keep the decorations minimal so instead focused on two things: the costumes (of course) and a kickarse prom photo booth.

All my supplies came from BigW, Shindigs Party Supplies and Spotlight in Newcastle NSW. I went for a bit of a glam rock theme as making a prom photo backdrop out of foil curtains was WAY easier than doing the balloon or crepe heart typical of a prom.  For the photo taking I just set up photo booth on my Macbook Air, which I placed on a big barrel that the venue had as a standing drink table. A friend also brought their DSLR and some of their photographer lighting to throw light on the right spot.

We had props, including crowns and septres, and after finding prom sashes were quite expensive on Etsy, I made my own for $4 a piece. My dress (that’s me in the blue peplum) was second hand, cost $8, and required no modification. I even already owned the ridiculous snake-esque belt. I bought a hair crimper and let my big hair fly. I wore more makeup than I ever have in my life.

A beautiful friend of mine made me an amazing Harry Potter themed cake!

And the best part of all was that with plenty of lead time and advice, everyone else also got really, really into it! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!