A case of the wants…its always the wants…

I just love The Haby Goddess. Not only am I taking online lessons through Sew School  but I also wish I had a load of money to spend in the Store. Just check this wonderful stuff out!

The seam allowance guide. It magnetises to your scissors so that you can introduce a seam allowance as you cut your patterns out, rather than tracing one out beforehand. This is the product I want most since I bought Mundial scissors the other day. Hurry up pay day! 😛

This Turn-it-all will save me frustration trying to use chopsticks to turn little straps.

Poke-A-Dots look like a great alternative to thimbles, which I have never used because they are plain uncomfortable.

And this Ultimate Embroidery Kit looks great. I have never embroidered and really want to learn how. Spotlight was devoid of any ‘starter kits’ that weren’t actually expensive basic kits for kids, so when I found this I was very excited.

Since I am well stocked on the necessary stuff at the moment, this lot is going to have to wait a little while 😦 At lease I have plenty to keep me amused in the meantime including this:

Australia Post sent me a Mother’s Day catalogue, and this was only $25! The cheapest online source for this book was at least $37 so I have been putting it off for ages. Very excited to take a look tonight, I’ll post a review soon 🙂


Singer 160

Oh my gosh is this thing beautiful or what!

I only just got my first sewing machine and its great, but I already want to trade it in and break the bank for one of these! Its a Singer 160, and is a limited addition.

Oh well, a girl can dream I guess. I need an overlocker more… 🙂