Costume time!

I am going to a fancy dress part next month, the theme is ‘S’. I have a costume all planned out, but I can’t share it with you yet as it’s a surprise.

What I can say is that it doesn’t involve a lot of actual sewing but its going to be fun and a little challenging no less. And it includes these:

Bedazzles with RHINESTONES! :D

Bedazzled with RHINESTONES! 😀

It also meant I finally purchased a hot glue gun which opens a whole lot of new creative doors.


Also, I realise I haven’t yet come good with the blog anniversary competition post but I haven’t forgotten and it is coming 🙂 Once I settle on a prize I will be having a combined “anniversary/reached 50 followers” celebration 🙂

Ps: Whilst typing this up I was counting down the seconds to snipe in and win a couple of great sewing things on ebay…and it worked! Bargains were had! Hopefully I will pick them next weekend and post with excitement 🙂


Colette arrivals, swatches too, and Cotton Handy gets an upgrade!

Hello everyone!

Things have been uber, uber busy! But things are also settling down 😀 I am absolutely dying for the holiday break so I can enjoy a week or so just relaxing and maybe doing some sewing and writing. It never quite works out that way does it…but a girl can dream!

In the news, my Colette bundle birthday pressie arrived, and shortly after so did my swatches:

Colette Sewing Handbook, Macaron and Lily patterns, and swatches from

Colette Sewing Handbook, Macaron and Lily patterns, and swatches from

The photo is a bit dark but on the left we have navy and cream for the Lily, and on the right we have mustard yellow and dark grey for the Macaron. I will hopefully be able to order the fabrics in a couple of weeks and make these come January. Very exciting stuff! There are also several lovely patterns included in the handbook which I may well try from fabric on hand over the Christmas break 🙂

In other news, you will probably have noticed that Cotton Handy has had a make over! I have three blogs and I decided to put more effort into all of them, making them over and giving them a cohesive theme. The other blogs can be found by clicking the following links:

AAW Square

PN Square

Can you spot the common element? 🙂

Cotton Handy also now has a Facebook page and I would be delighted if you could head on over and like it 🙂

That’s about all for the moment but going forward I am aiming to post alot more and really build the Cotton Handy community. I’m looking forward to sharing lots more with you soon!


Lusting after Colette

We are coming into spring here in Australia which has sent me lusting after Colette patterns. I am yet to even make the Sorbetto, their free pattern that has taken the internet by storm. However I know that some of their patterns are just perfect for me. I love the modern vintage style and am told they are very good for beginners like me. So I now have two Colette dresses planned! I haven’t even bought the patterns yet, let alone any fabric, and none of that will happen for a few weeks, however I am already very set on the colour and fabric type I am hoping to use, with the intent is that these will be great for work and also for family lunches etc.

First up, a Macaron, with grey as the main skirt/bust colour and mustard yellow as the contrasting upper bodice/waistband colour. Hopefully in a linen or linen blend.


Second will be a Lily, also in linen or linen blend, with navy as the main colour and cream as the contrast.


The worst part is the waiting is it not?