Creative actions

There is alot happening in my life at the moment.

My partner is struggling with an anxiety condition, I am finally settling into my new job 6 months into it, we are planning a trip to Europe, and I am now staring down the barrel of 6 months with my migraine condition under control and the reality that there is now nothing in the way of my dreams except my own self control.

It’s all a bit overwhelming, and the buzzing in my brain and tiredness in my body has been stifling my creative side. But I think I am progressing well. Even though I haven’t been physically creating anything (craft-wise OR writing-wise) I am still thinking and living creatively and my passion for creativity is showing in different ways.

I’m painting my nails more often.


Fuzzy coat for winter warmth!

I’m buying creative books.

A cute button project book that I can’t wait to play with. Includes a chart to help identify buttons!


I think my sewing room needs this lamp…











I’ll be writing a full post about this awesome book!










I’m nurturing my nerd side.


Yes, Ron and Hermione are making out instead of helping Harry face Voldemort…what of it? 😛









I’m chasing projects I will be passionate about at work.








And I am encouraging creativity in my man, who is currently relishing in the collection of David Bowie vinyl he bought at an antique fair over the weekend, as well as planning a craft project of his own 🙂

The pile of unused Colette patterns will eventually become creations and the resin kit will eventually be opened to trial a new jewellery making venture. We are healing from years of turbulence and I am taking time to do so slowly.


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