Little bits and pieces

As per my recent post about crochet, the wool to craft my granny rug has arrived!

IMG_8496I ordered this wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills which I highly recommend. I had originally planned to use acrylic yarn as I discussed previously, however my seasoned knitter colleague pointed me in the Bendigo direction and I easily gave in. It’s real, Australia-made wool, bought directly from the manufacturer, so it comes it cheaper than some of the fancier acrylic yarns! Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to use acrylic yarns, however when I realised I could get real wool so cheap I couldn’t resist a higher quality for my tribute blanket 🙂

In other crafty news, I am going to start letter writing to some distant friends and I went on a hunt for cute envelopes. I could only find coloured envelopes, not any with patterns, and the coloured ones were ridiculously expensive. I think the cheapest was about 6 plain coloured for $6.  So what did I do? Bought a 12 pack of scrapbook sheets, dismantled an old envelope to use as a template, and made my own!

IMG_8510This gave me a total of 12 super cute envelopes for about $5 (the cost of the scrapbook sheets). I also used a glue stick, scissors, a ruler, a lead pencil that I had laying around. When I stuff my first letter into one I will decide if it is strong enough as is or if I need to reinforce them with sticky tape and use stronger glue next time…the glue stick I used was pretty old 🙂

And as for some actual sewing? Well tomorrow is a public holiday and the house is actually clean…so stay tuned!




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