New home, new tools, new start.

Well, it has certainly been a while!

Boyfriend and I were thrown into a sudden move. It was all our own doing of course, but it was sudden in that I had gotten the dates mixed up and we were able to move to a better rental in Feb, as opposed to April as I had originally thought. And then The. Perfect. House. was found and we got it! 😀

This of course resulted in chaos, but in the midst of said chaos I managed to score a bargain, as previously mentioned in a post in early Feb. I have been keeping an eye out for a while for a Horn cutting table, on Gumtree, ebay etc. I had been using the dining table to cut which was too low and brutal on my back. I knew that a brand new Horn table is around $800. I was expecting to pay $400 secondhand. Most of them are too far away for me to pick up too…it seems there are MANY sewers in Victoria, not as many in NSW? Then a beautiful one popped up on ebay, bundled with a mannequin no less, and I mustered all my sniping skills to chase it down. I swooped in with seconds to spare and lay down a $300 bid (which was all I could afford with the pending move). I waited the final 30 seconds on tenterhooks, watching the frantic bids from competing buyers as the price ticked up. It was at $90 when I bid and reached $202.50 in the closing seconds. I got it, and at a BARGAIN price! The table itself was worth about $400, and I got it for $200 with a bonus mannequin! I haven’t been more thrilled since my very first ebay purchase, an out of print boxed set of the Tomorrow Series by John Marsden. My brother and I drove to Lithgow to pick the items up, a three hour drive away, squishing them into my trooper little hatchback.

This is my baby in all its glory, its even the same colour as my machine cabinet 🙂


I tried to upload a pic of it all opened up in the seller’s garage but it isn’t working. Just know that it opens up HUGE and I am glad it is on wheels because I will need to relocate it to the dining room whenever I fully extend it 🙂

The neck of the mannequin had come apart (but was unbroken) and for those who have never tried to put one back together it was, to be blunt, a bitch! But I did it, and it is now as good as new 🙂


And considering the crazy circumstances, that’s all the sewing news I have for you. The costume party I mentioned in a previous post was postponed due to torrential rain, which was just was well as it was the weekend after we moved and I hadn’t even started putting it together. I have all the stuff there so it will definitely happen…I’m just not sure when and can’t share because it’s still a surprise. In other costume news though, I am hoping to afford to go to Supernova for the first time this year, and possible will attempt to make a Cloberella costume.

Other than that I have to make my stepdad’s curtains (still…terrible daughter) and get back to my true desire: dressmaking. I want to start with three thorough wearable muslins: Lily by Colette, Macaron by Colette and Simplicity 2217: Amazing fit dress.

I am going to have to do the sensible thing and start by plugging in my sewing machine for the first time in months and making a simple library bag for my cousin’s little girl. She deserves it, and I need to start with something simple and easy to achieve a result with! 🙂

My new sewing space in my new home. I'm in love!

My new sewing space in my new home. I’m in love!


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