Colette on the way!

I haven’t been posting much. It’s a combination of a genuinely busy life, not doing much sewing, and most of the sewing being done having the status of ‘top secret Christmas presents’.

However, good news on the Colette front! Following on from my last post in which I outlined my planned dress makes, my wonderful mum agreed to buy me Lily and Macaron AND The Colette Sewing Handbook. Then Haby Goddess announced a pre-Christmas sale including all Colette! This was such an exciting moment 🙂

Mum, continuing in her wonderfulness, told me to take advantage of the sale even though my birthday is still a month away. Colette bundle is on the way! Can’t wait!

As for other sewing, there is mostly secret Christmas magic coming up but there will still be things to post about, and since we are coming to a year since I bought my first sewing machine of my own and started this hobby I am hoping to post a ‘lessons learned and plans for the future’ type post. Maybe I should even have my first giveaway! 🙂


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