Lusting after Colette

We are coming into spring here in Australia which has sent me lusting after Colette patterns. I am yet to even make the Sorbetto, their free pattern that has taken the internet by storm. However I know that some of their patterns are just perfect for me. I love the modern vintage style and am told they are very good for beginners like me. So I now have two Colette dresses planned! I haven’t even bought the patterns yet, let alone any fabric, and none of that will happen for a few weeks, however I am already very set on the colour and fabric type I am hoping to use, with the intent is that these will be great for work and also for family lunches etc.

First up, a Macaron, with grey as the main skirt/bust colour and mustard yellow as the contrasting upper bodice/waistband colour. Hopefully in a linen or linen blend.


Second will be a Lily, also in linen or linen blend, with navy as the main colour and cream as the contrast.


The worst part is the waiting is it not?



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