Vintage “so ugly it’s cute”

Today was a fun day. I went to the local “Wallsend Winter Carnivale”, a long running street fair through the main thorough-fair of the next suburb over. I have been going for years, but this year I was in the parade as a NSW State Emergency Service volunteer…yay! This is me with my Mum:

Following the marching and the handing out of pamphlets and the smiling at excited kiddies, I stomped up and down the street in my big boots and did some serious shopping.And that’s when I found this:

For $3 I just couldn’t leave it there, though I certainly had mixed feelings about it. I absolutely hate orangey, 70s, wallpaperish, upholsteryish, florals. Yuck! I have always, always avoided such colours and designs. But this little piece was so clearly vintage (though I’m not certain from what era), and so “sewing history”, that I had to have it. It is now growing on me so I am wondering how I can work with it to make it my very own. I’d like to keep in fairly original so I am thinking I will just give it a good clean and make a little insert/divider for it. I don’t have a sewing box because no matter how cute the ones in store are I just can’t bring myself to pay $50 for essentially the same thing as this, made from less quality materials.

So welcome to my sewing world, little “so ugly it’s cute” box 🙂


PS: Anyone who can give me an idea of whether this is 60s, 70s or 80s, or even a possible manufacturer, will receive much love 😀


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