The Dress

Well, it finally came, the wearing of my almost completely successful Vogue 1102, my first real fitted garment. I’ll launch straight into the pics I know you are all dying to see, then talk a little about it shall I?

(Thanks to my Mum for taking snaps and giving us a ride! xo)

While boyfriend tucked in shirt and put on tie, Mum insisted I pose wedding style to show off the skirt.

Full front

Full back

Close up of the bow! Yep, that’s my low back bra peaking out. We fixed it before we left the house and it didn’t reappear till many champagnes later. I was just pleased to be able to wear one! The zip is not crooked, but yes, the bodice is uneven here. The only real flaw!

All ready to go

I am so happy with how this turned out! 🙂

There is only slightly too much fabric at the top of the bodice as I expected, but this happens in many dresses of this style so it didn’t bother me. It was certainly an alteration that would be beyond my skill level so I’m pleased I didn’t meddle. The bust fits perfectly and I am so pleased I added extra darts. The area of the below bust seam joining the skirt is still slightly too big on me but is better than too small and the density of the fabric meant it didn’t billow out and exaggerate my belly…win! The skirt was perfect and very twirly! The bow was a little challenging to tie evenly, but I am pleased with the final look. I was very glad I had the sense to hand stitch it in place here and there so it wouldn’t come undone….it stayed perky and cute all night! The only actual flaw in the dress is the one inch piece of bodice at the top of the zipper at the back. The back bodice should be one inch at that point, however on the left it is half that. I have an idea what happened and there was no way I was unpicking it all to fix it. It was not noticeable enough! As that was the only actually mistake/flaw I am very happy! The fitting issues were almost completely resolved as well so this was definitely a success!

Any beginners out there wondering, yes I would recommend this pattern. I had a number of fitting issues and managed to make three muslins of the bodice, but that was mainly due to my inexperience in bust alteration as well as my desire to shape the bust a little more than the pattern called for. I wanted to bring the top of the skirt in a little to prevent the “pregnant” look. It complicated things choosing this dress for my shape, but the pattern and instructions themselves were not difficult at all. And I learned so much doing the alterations that I have no regrets about the time I had to put into this. I think it also has taught me not to fear garments designed for shapes different to mine. I am now sure that in most cases I can make it work!

The firsts for me:

  •  A fitted garment to wear
  • Bust adjustment
  • Pattern alteration (shaping bust, narrowing shoulders)
  • Adding darts
  • Inserting a lining
  • Working with satin
  • Hemming something larger (much larger) than a pants leg
  • Invisible zip (or any zip for that matter really)

How I deviated from the pattern/instructions (such a rebel):

  • Inserted side bust darts to bring more shape to the dress, bringing the waist in slightly
  • Made the bow ties double sided as opposed to the single sided version in the instructions. This was necessitated by my one sided fabric but I would have done it regardless…it looks much more professional!
  • Simplified hem

As always, my sewing books were very, very helpful, as was YouTube and a fantastic tute from Coletterie on sewing an invisible zip.

I am so thrilled with how this turned out, and yes, also thrilled it is over. It was alot of work!

In the pipeline now are curtains for my step dad, yoga cushions and a long list of simple but fab Christmas presents. I am going to have to find sneaky ways to post about what I am up to without revealing too much, but there are sure to be other little bits and pieces to report on. I have some great bargain bin stretch knits I want to turn into summer skirts so I am sure you will all get some interesting rants about my first attempts with that sort of fabric. Hooray! 🙂



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