Sneak peak!

The dress is complete! After a mammoth hemming session yesterday (this thing has alot of skirt!) I finally was done…yay!

It is not without its problems, but I am very happy with the finished product considering this is my first attempt at a real dress and it’s for an important occasion no less. I am going to take nice pics from all angles on Friday when my hair is all nice and my makeup all done, however I think everyone deserves a sneak peak, yes?

This is the back, just beneath the bow, please excuse the slightly out of place low bra:

And this is the full extent of the skirt, pre hem:

Oh the excitement! I now technically have nothing left to do on this, though I may revisit the bow briefly before the main event. Due to the thickness of it and the type of fabric it is difficult to tie evenly. I got it done, and hand stitched it to keep it in place, but I am thinking I need to do it again. The tails hang evenly but the one side of the bow is larger than the other. That’s ok, but it is slightly more noticable than I would like. It’s a pain though so I am leaving it for a day or two. I am also going to test some anti static spray on some spare fabric, and if the watermarks dry out nicely I am going to antic static the skirt…it be clingy.

Can’t wait to show you all the complete do on the weekend! 🙂


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