Next up!

So now that The Pretty Dress is finished I feel like I can finally move on to new things 🙂

And the very day after the great finish, a new thing arrived in the post:

With this I am going to make yoga cushions and meditation cover blankets for me and my man.

But first I have to get started on what is lurking under my lounge:

These lovely rolls of fabric-y goodness are for curtains for my step-dad’s caravan. I have to get cracking on these right away! I also have a Christmas list all mapped out. It’s long but simple so I think it is all manageable and all good for practice and learning. I was at the Newcastle Craft and Sewing Show this weekend just gone and am very excited to have picked up a bunch of fabric, perfect for several gifts. Unfortunately I can’t share what I bought, or the planned Christmas projects, as some recipients certainly see this blog. However I will try and take as many pics as possible for a mammoth post Christmas post to share them all in…ahem…4 months time. Sorry about that!

That’s it for future projects at the moment as I don’t like to be overloaded (lesson learned). However there are some wish list items to be shared! The first is a Baraque Foldaway Cutting Table which looks something like this:

It is made of very strong cardboard and comes apart to fold away out of sight…in this case behind the sewing cabinet in my already over crowded dining room. It is at a more comfortable height than my dining table, is probably bigger too, and is far superior to the floor. It is $139 + shipping so I will have to wait a lil while but it will be very worth it.

The other item I want is one of these:

They range from $70-120 and come and go when it comes to availability, but I am determined. With one of these I could get rid of a mis-matched telephone table I use for my sewing books AND relegate the big ironing board to the laundry for use only when absolutely necessary. And isn’t it just adorable! Ah, if only money would grow on trees and August/September wouldn’t hold so many expensive social shenanigans 😛

Happy sewing!


5 thoughts on “Next up!

    • Yep, it will be a square in either 20″, 17″ or 13″, for sitting on while yoga-ing/meditating. I found it by accident whilst looking at ready made yoga cushions on ebay with the intent to maybe design my own. The pattern recommends polyester fill, but my research has lead me to a decision to try buckwheat hulls if I can source them. They are apparently perfect for this kind of thing, making it feel like you are sitting on sand. The internet also recommends that I try Kapok, which is a tradition fibre fill for this kind of thing but is apparently a bit difficult to work with.

      I am thinking if these are any good I may design my own to sell one day…there is a little bit of a market for them here. Due to copyright it would have to be a pattern of my own design but I already have in mind some things I would like different to the McCalls design, switching out polyester fill being just the beginning! 😛

  1. That table is so pretty. I really envy people who can sew. I am useless at sewing. It would be great to just rustle a dress up. I took up knitting instead which is fun. Please follow my blog:

    • A friend of mine knits, but I don’t have the patience for it lol. I am only a beginner sewer but I love it. I can’t knock things together quickly yet but I do enjoy making unique items 🙂

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