Bodice beginnings

Last night I pieced together the outer bodice of my Vogue 1102. The inner bodice (lining) is next. Darts are easy enough when using the calico of the toile, you can press them in firmly and they just hold. Not so much with satin. And I had added extra darts *sigh*. There was lots of pinning and attempting to mark with a chalk (chalk did not come up well but it was the only option, I have an awesome erasable fabric pen but found it bled through this particular fabric and became difficult to erase). Eventually I just did the best I could and was very relieved the darts came out evenly. I had a headache at the time and it was getting increasingly stressful!

So here we are so far:

The tie backs

The outer front and back bodice, pieced together

Bust darts on one side


Getting there! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Bodice beginnings

    • Oh me too! I have the bodice and lining together now but have to add more clipping tonight before I can stitch the shoulders together and sort of try it on. I’m at the stage where I know the invisible zip is looming, but am thrilled to have found a great tute on the task. Off to buy a new foot during lunch! 🙂

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