Sewing Monday!

Sewing Monday is here!

What is Sewing Monday? Well it’s the one day of the week I tend to almost always get some sewing done, that’s what! Monday I finish work at 5pm and there is no SES, no climbing, never any social obligations, and the boy is often somewhere else or totally preoccupied with his own thing and not luring me in with funny new TV shows and winter cuddles. There is also usually a freezer full of weekend frozen slow cooker dinners that take 3 minutes to prepare. Mondays just work for me! 🙂

So today’s Monday I am VERY excited about, and also nervous about. Why?? Because I am finally, finally, ready to cut into The Fabric….ready to start The Dress.

Remember this fabric?


Well I now have 5 metres of it imported from the UK. This translates to: “Don’t stuff it up Dani!”

But I think I am ready. Last Friday I ditched the nerd night (but not the Grill’d burger…mmm Grill’d) forfeiting a chance to watch a movie about a telekinetic tyre (yes you read correctly) but apparently there was a change of mind so I missed Contagion (booerns!). But no regrets as in that one evening I managed to finally get the bodice of the dress to fit me! 🙂

Not the best pic…it sits a little funny on the Dani-quin. However it sits very well on me 🙂

There is also still a little too much fabric at the front, however this will either a) sit better when done up in satin or b) be fixed with some cute pleats similar to another off the rack dress I own which fits perfectly.

Can’t wait to see some results from this! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sewing Monday!

  1. That’s really quite impressive-looking! There seems to be quite a trend at the moment over here in the UK for tops with a gap at the back and a bow over the top, but nothing like as striking as what you’re making. I think you may have just inspired me to go and do some sewing!

    • I haven’t seen bow ones here in Aus really (but I’m not a big shopper so who knows). But I have seen some pretty sun dresses with heart cutouts in the back. I like those alot so I guess the similarity drew me into this one. I find it very cute! 🙂

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