Toiling over the toile…and a sewing disaster!

WELL. The size 18 toile bodice came together and was too big AND too wide in the shoulders. I expected it, but the struggle was that I then had to DO something about it. The something involved tracing and cutting more pattern pieces in sizes 16 and 14, taking a lot of measurements, doing a lot of visualisation with my giant bodice, my Dani-quin, and the new pattern pieces, and hauling out my two sewing guides and pouring over the pattern alteration sections:

More pattern traces…

Front of too big bodice on the Dani-quin

Back of too big bodice (cute though!)

My saviors

The end decision was to go back down to a 14 because thats the only measurement that fits my narrow shoulders, AND make the following alterations:

  • adjust shoulders further to account for slope (I may not have my Mum’s problem of getting shirts to fit her wide shoulders, but I DO have slope-y shoulders that can’t retain a handbag strap to save my life…ironically thanks to the male contribution to my genes)
  • Full bust adjustment (first ever)
  • Adding a bust dart (this is brave of me, but I think it will work).

Altered size 14 bodice pattern piece

No that isn’t some weird double dart creation on the waist. One of those darts is valid, the other to be ignored 🙂

I cut the bow straps from the original toile to use on the second one to save time and am all set to try again. Time is ticking but I am trying to take my time and not stress out.

While we wait for more progress, lets drool at the shoes and clutch I aquired for a total of $50 to go with the dress on the night:

So cute! And a bargain 😀 The shoes were only $15 !!!

In other news I had a nice big disaster on Saturday night. About 2 months ago I bought some brand new Mundial Serra Sharp scissors. They are the kind of scissors that you can make last a lifetime. Not in my case though. They slipped right off my table and onto the cold, unforgiving tiles. I just sat there and cried lol. SO unproductive. I think I was even more frustrated because I was cutting interfacing at the time. My cheaper, lighter Triumph scissors are actually better for that particular job. It was a frustrating night with me breaking my new bottle of conditioner half an hour later and going to bed cranky and with frizzy hair because I refused to touch my GHD straightener for fear of dropping it too :/

Anyway all is well today, my lovely Mum must have described my subsequent Facebook outburst to my step dad, because the next day as I measured his caravan windows for curtains he insisted on giving me money to buy a new pair. I again used a Spotlight voucher so picked up some lovely new scissors and a cute remnant, all for $35 🙂 Thanks Trev, best dad in the world 😀

The pretties

The parentals

Well, that’s all I have time to post tonight….Wordpress has been playing silly with me and this one has taken ages to post. I have other things to share though so I may post again tomorrow, hooray!

Happy sewing 🙂


7 thoughts on “Toiling over the toile…and a sewing disaster!

  1. Good work making a toile! Im yet to make one being the slacker that I am.

    I’ve also made this pattern before and loved the way it turned out 🙂

  2. OH, I hope your most recent toile works! I often find that it works best to start a bit smaller and adjust UP rather than starting by my larger measurement then go down. Not sure why this is….the bow in the back does look pretty cute, though!

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