An update

I need to provide a dress update…it’s been over two weeks! Problem is there aren’t any photos and there isn’t much to say. I have had the busiest two weeks I’ve had in a long time. I have alot of interests, commitments and general all round stuff and between work, climbing, SES, family, friends, sewing, writing, oh and Lady Gaga it has just been all too much!

Anyways I did get a little done over part of the weekend and last night. I finally finished tracing and cutting pattern pieces and as such moved on to cut my actual muslin pieces from some calico. Last night I pieced together much of the bodice, stopping before the lining as I knew my sleepiness was about to introduce mistakes. This part is tedious. Based on my measurements the bodice might fit, and if it doesn’t I have to have a crack at a full bust adjustment. Because the bodice requires a lining (at least the instructions are thorough, I’ve never lined something before!), it is taking me ages to get to the point of a bodice that is together enough for me to try it on and assess the fit. It will all be worth it though, and I am accepting of the fact that I may make this bodice several times before I get to the final product. Not only will it mean the fit is better, but I am hoping to also have the steps and the technique perfected too 🙂

My fabric arrived yesterday and it is gorgeous. As I got it from ebay I got down on the floor and inspected it for marks or tears and also measured it. They have sent me 20cm extra! I am very pleased with the seller and the fabric. The picture online just didn’t do it justice so I am very glad I requested a sample. For only the cost of letter postage from the UK, it was worth it! 🙂

Hopefully I will post a more thorough update on the weekend with some pictures! I am hoping by then the bodice will be wearable and I can see just how much work I have left to do. Time is ticking fast!!!


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