Fabric chosen!

Well the Fabric.com swatch came today. It is very pretty and I do like the shade:


Unfortunately there is a significant problem:

Who wants to see my knickers?!

Yes I could line it all, but I am planning to only line the bodice, and only with the main fabric. This is too sheer even for that and I just don’t think it would work.

I’m not really disappointed however as it did make the whole decision alot easier. I present to you, the fabric chosen:


I’m very excited! Last night I finally cut out the larger pattern pieces for the bodice and even then I wasn’t sure if I need to go up one more size. I have plenty of calico though so I’ve decided to just make the toile and if it’s too small go from there. I ordered the fabric today so have to get moving! I am hoping by the time the fabric arrives I will have a well fitting toile 🙂

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