Positive practice and frustrating decisions.

So I have started working on Vogue 1102 and am really happy with the steps I have taken as it is preventing disaster down the line when it comes to fit.

This was a $30 pattern so there was no way I was cutting into it. Instead I picked up some thin interfacing to trace with and got to measuring. I came up about an 18 in this dress but last time I made an 18 as per measurements it was way too big. Having said that it was Simplicity as opposed to Vogue.

Anyway, I used the interfacing to trace each piece in just size 16. I was able to then use my custom dress form to hold the new pattern pieces up and even gently pin the darts in and the front and back bodice pieces together to see how it may fit. I determined that the skirt is fine as a 16 but the bodice is almost certainly an 18…perhaps with adjustments. My instinct tells me its an 18 in front (thanks girls) and a 16 in back. I was really pleased to make this discovery without chopping up the original pattern and before cutting calico for my toile, so the interfacing was a great tip. I am pretty sure I picked it up at TSL.

So next step is to trace new size 18 pattern pieces for the bodice and see how it all fits together. Then I can work out which parts will be 16, which will be 18, and any adjustments. Then I can finally cut calico to make a toile, safe in the knowledge that I may be cutting too big in some places, but certainly not too small. Whilst this may all sound very time consuming, it really isn’t, I have just been so busy I have been doing it all in very small chunks.

Now! To the frustrating decisions! I am trying ever so hard to pick a fabric for this dress and it is not easy. I want it to be red, preferably all red. I originally imagined a modern sort of brocade. There is nothing in the Newcastle Spotlight store and there are not really any other dressmaking fabric stores around here, only quilting. My search therefore moved online and I have ordered a number of samples. The problem is that I am not the most patient person and they are all coming from Europe or the USA… slowly. Here is what has arrived so far, with 2-3 more to come:

The one in the middle looked the best on Ebay, but the colour is off in real life and its so thin its see through!

The one on the left is almost exactly what I thought it would be.

The one on the right was the surprise. The pic on Ebay just did not do it justice and I am in love with it. The deep, almost cherry red is perfect and it is a really soft and shiny satin.

The only problem is that this is a very formal occasion and I am not sure this satin is quite right for it. I was aiming for a one colour fabric, and this two colour fabric may end up beautiful, but more of a party dress look than a formal dress look so I am torn. The one on the left fits the bill a bit more but I am not as fussed on the texture and the tone of red. What I am now  impatiently waiting on is a sample from fabric.com of another brocade similar to the one on the left. If it is a bit deeper in colour and has a better quality feel to it I may just have found my fabric. It’s the waiting that’s killing me! Also, I want to have made a decision so I can order next week in case the shipping takes a while. So far the swatches have come quite fast but I am planning on ordering 5-6 metres of this stuff to be safe so it may take longer!

Oh well, all I can do is wait and hope it comes fast. In the mean time much pattern cutting, fitting and toile making to be done. I also want to make a satchel bag. Damn this busy modern life! 😛


3 thoughts on “Positive practice and frustrating decisions.

  1. I love the one on the right. Fabic.com is awesome. I have ordered from there before and it arrived very fast, but I am in the States. Hopefully they will come through for you so you can make your decision. Can’t wait to see they finished product.

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