Sprocket, supplies and splendid buys

Busy, busy, busy! And hardly any of it sewing 😦

I did however make a sproket cushion, inspired by and part of a sew along on The Sewing Library. I had never made one before and I think its very cute…and it was super easy!

The tute for this can be found here: http://www.cluckclucksew.com/2011/03/tutorial-sprocket-pillows.html

It was fun trying to find the right fabrics for it. I have discovered I have trouble visualising things when I have to patchwork things together, which is going to make quilt making interesting when I get around to trying it. In the end I cut up a triangle in each fabric I was considering and then played around with the colours.

I was still struggling a bit with my lack of fabric. I had plenty of the stripes and owls but nothing that looked particularly good with them. And as per my complaints when putting together Mother’s Day gifts, I also did not have any plain fabrics in nice pastels or browns or other muted colours. All my fabrics were too busy! Anyway, I did end up with a sprocket cushion that I love and I will probably give it away as a gift. It doesn’t really “go” in my house and I don’t really need it. I will have to buy a big basket to start putting away any early made gifts!

On Saturday just gone I ventured to Spotlight to tackle the stash issue. I went early as it was ‘Sewing Saturday’, and that combined with the crazy May savings and voucher were going to make for some chaos. I am pretty happy with my buys, this all cost $63 and is worth about $120 😀

I stocked up on pins, stretch needles, a button covering kit, and cottons (which were on special!), and got those lovely plain fabrics on the left. I picked up a bias tape maker that I am very happy with. Best of all are the two fabrics on the right.

This one is a gorgeous flannelette which was only $5 a metre on special. This will be some cozy new pjs for me…yay!

And this  gorgeous quilting cotton is in a ‘writer’ theme. Its so pretty! I am going to make this into my very own ‘writer’s satchel’, big enough to perfectly fit my netbook, my kindle, my little novel planning folder, and wallet/keys/phone. I’m hoping it will be another nudge in the direction of me writing my novel! The sewing of this looks a bit more advanced than what I am used to…time to challenge myself 🙂
Dani xo


3 thoughts on “Sprocket, supplies and splendid buys

    • I love fabric covered buttons! Since my first go with them I haven’t stopped haha!

      A sprocket is like the spokes part of a bicycle wheel, so this cushion gets called that because it looks like one. I only heard of them the other day but they are super simple to make even though the end product looks rather detailed…love it!

      • Oooohhh! Well its very cute! I couldn’t tell by the photo how large it was to see if it was a seat cushion or a decorative pillow or something else!

        I can’t wait to have my own sewing machine to practice things at home on my own! (my mom lent hers to a family member years ago and we just never got it back -can you tell we don’t do much sewing?… I’m hoping to get it back this weekend!)

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