The Liebster Award

I have three blogs and sometimes this confuses things (but lets be honest, I can be easily confused). To explain this award situation simply, the other day my writing blog was nominated for the Liebster Award, which is for blogs with 200 followers or less which the nominator feels deserve to be noticed. I am so excited! Writing is just as important to me as sewing, even though I am dedicating alot more time to sewing at the moment, so this is very encouraging 🙂

Anyways, through that blog I got to nominate 5 blogs I think are worthy of this Award. Because by experience of other writing blogs is only new, I decided to include two sewing blogs in the nominations…yay!

You can read my post listing my nominations here:

But in short, congrats to She Sews to Conquer and How was your evening?. Your sewing blogs make me happy and deserve recognition…so sewing peoples, take a look!

Love Dani


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