Sew I have a plan…

I wrote a post today on my other blog, Perpetual Narrative, about goal setting. I wanted to post about it here and share with my fellow sewing bloggers, because a large part of the post is dedicated to me making goals in the area of sewing (as well as climbing, writing, work, volunteering, relationships and house/home lol).

The post can be found here:

However for those who want the quick version, here are my sewing goals!

  1. Complete online sew school (beginner course)
  2. Self learn embroidery/cross stitch
  3. Complete an online dressmaker course
  4. Learn to fit myself and alter patterns
  5. Learn to design my own patterns
  6. Complete a quilting course (online or face to face)
  7. Lots of practice, not just the easy stuff!
  8. Continue blogging
  9. Possibly start a local sewing club, meeting monthly

Timeframes: I have not been specific with time frames, however generally speaking goals 1-6 will probably happen in that order. Goals 7 and 8 are to be always and ongoing. Goal 9 is to happen in the next year or so (if I decide to commit to it).

I am really excited about these goals. They are clear, simple and achievable and they give me focus 🙂

What are your sewing goals?

Are there areas you would like to improve in but haven’t sat down and planned how you will make it happen?

For me, I think I have it easy in that I am a beginner, I need to learn everything! If you are a lifetime sewer, however, I am sure you have a ‘nemesis’, something you always struggle with or have always been scared to try. Perhaps its even another creative venture, outside of sewing…maybe you would like to try woodworking?

Setting ‘S.M.A.R.T’ goals (as discussed in the post linked above) can be a great way to get you there as it gives you focus. But the first step is acknowledging you want to try something new!



10 thoughts on “Sew I have a plan…

  1. Looking at your goals list, don’t forget that garment sewing is a lot different than quilting. Garment sewing isn’t as exacting, and it’s fun to wear what you make. Thanks for following my blog SoundStitches too!

    • Thanks for reading! Yes, that’s one of the reasons I put the quilting goal so far down the list. It certainly is a whole different ball game isn’t it? lol

  2. Dani, this is a great post! I hope you don’t mind if I link to it later in my blog…I’m going to be covering some of the same goal-setting ideas.

    I’m jealous that you do indoor rock-climbing….so fun!

    • Thankyou! Of course that’s fine 🙂
      Indoor climbing is basically the only sport or exercise I genuinely enjoy lol…it can be hard to get a climbing partner sometimes though so I am hoping to find ways around that 🙂

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  4. What on-line classes are you taking? That’s interesting! I never thought of taking them online. Mainly because I had no idea how to do anything until my first class two weeks ago!

  5. If you have never sewn at all before a face to face class is best for your first go. I took sewing for several years in high school. The specifics of those classes are a big blank for me but I intuitively knew my way around a sewing machine so that helped 🙂 The online course I am taking is Sew School Online by The Haby Goddess, its amazing! You can read about it here: I’d recommend it even after a face to face as its only $50 and you can print out and keep all the lessons as an ongoing reference. The dressmaker one I haven’t signed up for yet so I don’t know what it’s like but it looks great and is here:
    There are other courses on that page too! 🙂

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