Motivation and a goals reset

I wasted yesterday.

Yesterday was Anzac Day in Australia (lest we forget). I have never been to a dawn service and last minute was going to try and attend this year and see my young cousin march as a cadet. I didn’t make it due to a sinus headache joining me in the morning. It passed with plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the day off work and this is what I achieved:

  • lounged around complaining it was cold and waiting for Spotlight to open (in all fairness I WAS going to take time to use a guide I found to discover the cleaning and tension needs of my overlocker, but one of the first steps was to oil the thing and I didn’t have any oil).
  • went to Spotlight (successful trip, more on that in a moment)
  • came home and watched the Simpsons and burned then remade then ate popcorn instead of actually doing anything.
  • joined boyfriend at the pub for Anzac Day drinks and mexican food
  • came home and went to bed.

Such a waste! But I just couldn’t find motivation to do anything. It may have been the cold, it may have been exhaustion from all the indoor wall climbing I have been doing. I’m not sure exactly but I have decided I need to do a goals reset to help with this funk and I am actually quite excited about it because for once every aspect of my life has clearly defined goals I can make to improve myself and move forward 😀 In the next few days I will post specifically on this topic with an outline of my goals which I am hoping will make for motivation to do things instead of sitting around…yay!

Now, to the only successful part of the day:

A Spotlight run is always fun, but I am really pleased with this one. I picked up Mundial Serrasharp Dressmaker Shears using my 30% off voucher. $39.99 down to $28…yay! These beauties feel so good. I am going to pick up a seam allowance guide and am pretty sure that I will be in cutting heaven.

A note too, on Spotlight and Mundial. The ladies of The Sewing Library facebook page were full of praise for Mundial (the good heavy ones like in the pic, not the lighter models although they may be kinder to tired hands) and they said you had to ask at the counter in Spotlight because they were tucked away for safety as well as theft prevention. Well I did ask at the counter of the Newcastle store and the girl just stared at me blankly. She then asked another lady who also looked blank, but who then had a ‘lightbulb’ moment and said “OH! I think I found those during stocktake” and proceeded to pull the scissory goodness from the cupboard. So some staff didn’t actually know they were there, and if they did they thought they were excess stock! So if you are hunting for the heavy duty scissors that the Spotlight ladies use themselves to cut your fabric, ask at the counter and if they stare back blankly find a way to get them to look through their cupboards!

Anyway, the rest of my haul included polyfil to finish a project I started ages ago, cottons as I move to Gutterman for ALL my sewing needs, that machine oil I needed so bad, stretch needles for all the great stretch fabrics I thrifted the other day, and a really cute fat quarter of measuring tape inspired fabric. I am thinking of pairing it with some cute sewing themed buttons I bought ages ago to make myself a little handbag sized sewing kit 🙂

Finally, its Mother’s Day soon and I am going to make my mum and my boyfriend’s mum cute presents this year instead of buying things. But I need to get a move on….wish me luck! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Motivation and a goals reset

  1. I’ve found that blogging about upcoming projects has really helped my sewing mojo. I don’t always manage to sew the things I plan on my blog, but I think I get more done because I’ve written about them.

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  3. Hiya, I love my Mundial shears. I rarely see them in shops anymore. Mine are the lighter style you describe, but they sharpen up nicely and have served me for years!

    • It’s funny how things are marketed isn’t it. At my local Spotlight the lightweight ones are on the shelf, but the heavy ones are behind the counter and noone knows! I love mine so far.Can’t wait to make a skirt in the next week or so, with the little items I’ve been making I’ve mainly still been using my rotary cutter since I bought the scissors 😦

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