Ticking along…

It’s now Monday and this week and weekend just gone have been project free, but productive no less.

Friday during my lunch break at work I moseyed on down to the Salvos Store to see if they had fabric. They had loads and this lot only cost me $13 😀

At least three of these remnants are stretchy knit type fabrics (I am SUCH a novice at knowing what fabrics actually are) which will be interesting. See that funky purple/pink patterned piece on the top left? I am thinking of making it into a swingy slip on skirt like this…there’s about three metres of that beauty there! Thrift shopping owns my heart 🙂

I also picked up two new skirts and a pair of pants for work, all fit perfect and the grand total for those was $18. This is one of the skirts, as worn today:

It has a ‘librarian’ quality to it, which is the look I have decided works best for me at work. Looks even cuter when I add in my glasses because the pink in my frames is the same as the pink in the skirt 🙂 The other skirt is a straight cut and I had to unpick and redo the hem on it. It’s very cute also, so I’ll try and remember to wear it tomorrow and to post a pic…bargains must be shared!

Sewing wise I took a bit of a break this week to focus on doing Sew School modules and to also take time to organise my life a little. Tonight I’m going to see if I can knock together the drawstring bag for Sew School. I am thinking the grey flower print in the above pic would make it a great beach bag…I never was one for bright colours. And there should be time tonight, dinner is already in the slow cooker! 😀


2 thoughts on “Ticking along…

  1. Ooh, I like the skirt! Nothing better than a good thrift store haul. Looks like you got a lot of neat fabric!

    I have never heard of Sew School modules — is that an academic thing or an online class or what?

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