Damn you weather!

Grandpa Simpson

Damn you weather! There was an onion on my belt, it was the style at the time…etc etc.

I had such plans for today! I finished the hem on my dress and was all set to wear it to work. Boyfriend left for work very early but I was going to take a self photo and blog about it anyway because I was so pleased with the result. Then this morning dawns cold, dreary and wet…not dress weather! Don’t get me wrong, I will layer this dress with stockings, boots and cardies all winter but not for its debut! *sigh*

Oh wells, hopefully you will all get to see it tomorrow. In other news, I started Sew School Online yesterday and I am already finding it very helpful. It is making me take a closer look at my sewing machine (and its manual) and last night I even braved pulling apart the bobbin case for a clean. I’ve also added items to my sewing shopping list and discovered my needle was in the wrong position to use the seam allowance guide properly when straight stitching…hooray for progress!

Looking forward to Saturday morning…shopping time! 😀


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