The joys of cold, shopping, and an upcoming post

If you are on the east coast of Australia you will probably be experiencing the same cold snap I am. This passing summer has been boring. No extreme heats, few thunderstorms, and only a few beautiful sunny days. It hasn’t been cold, just not the usual vibrant Australian summer. As a result, it is now 6 weeks or so into autumn and the weather hasn’t really changed all that much. It feels like it has been autumn forever. That is, until yesterday! Traditionally it rains over Easter here. Easter is our seasonal change catalyst no matter when it falls in April. This year however, we sailed through the weekend with mostly sunshine, a brief but enthusiastic storm on Sunday night and then finally, on Monday evening, a slight chill in the air. First thing Tuesday morning when I have to drag myself unenthusiastically to work? It’s freezing! We are now into Wednesday and it’s still freezing. By freezing I mean the low was 12.3C which is obviously not that bad but it was certainly rough to wake up to when we had left the window wide open and I was wearing shorts and a singlet…brrr!

It was certainly a shock but I welcome it 🙂 For me, winter means not sweating (though this summer was very sweat free and I found it boring), and more importantly it means boots, tights, layers with dresses, scarves and winter coats…hoorah! I even got to try out my new winter coat, thrifted, for the journey to work this morning. Too cold for a cardy outside, too warm for more than a cardy inside, I wore the coat to work with the cardy in my bag for when I got there and was delighted. I picked this up for $10 and it fits better than both my other coats…loose enough to move around in but fitted enough to stop me looking like a puffy elephant, I love it!

In other news, I did an op shop run during lunch yesterday all in the name of learning. I start online sew school next week and need some basic supplies to get started, including some second hand patterns just to learn how to read them and apply common designs. I pick up a pretty good stash, mostly out of fashion but some quite cute and even in my size. Who knows how complete they are but I’m excited to find out…this lot only cost me $6.20 including the zippers! 🙂

Finally, yes I was productive with my sewing over the weekend. In the next day or so I hope to find some daylight time to take some pics of my first completed garment! I will probably never wear it due to fit issues but I am still very happy with the result. It taught me the things I suck at and need to work on, but more exciting was that it taught me there are some things I am very good at and need not be nervous to try! I’ll save the rest of the story for the full post but I am now super excited to experiment more and get the problems right…yay!


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