Beginner excitement!

I am quite excited as this week I signed up for The Haby Goddess’s 6 week Sew School starting 16 April. This looks like it’s going to be a great beginner course in sewing basics and techniques…and its all online! It uses tutorial PDFs and some videos to walk you through basic sewing techniques and tips. I can’t wait! I really don’t have time to commit to a face to face class at the moment and I also am very much a self learner so this is going to be a great style for me.

It is also looking to be quite necessary for me to get some sort of lessons. I opened up a new pretty pattern last night and I had forgotten just how complicated they are! I am sure that with time I would figure it all out, especially with the very helpful book I picked up a couple of months ago, but some certainty would be great and this course includes a chunk on reading and interpreting patterns.

So here’s to sticking on the L plates, and not driving with my brakes on when it comes to trying patterns, zippers, button holes and bias tape!


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