Kindle cover

This is one of those projects where a few things went drastically wrong and I may well not get much use out of it…but hey its all in the learning!

I decided I wanted to make a Kindle cover. Me and the boy both have a Kindle and he likes to borrow my lighted case instead of buying his own. I figured I would make myself a case for when he does this. Truth told though, I love my lighted case so it probably doesn’t matter that my back up case isn’t awesome.

The tutorial I ended up using is this one:

It’s a great tute and a great case but these were my problems:

  • I used cord material. I bought this really cute babushka material a few weeks ago and decided to use it for this. Its corded and adorable. I also had in my stash a pink cord, used previously on a reversible handbag. Cord is stretchier and thicker than cotton (duh) and it was a little difficult to work with for this. It also frays a bit so pink fluff kept getting all over the lovely cream of the babushka material and that just drove me nuts.
  • The babushkas are one direction only. I actually didn’t necessarily stuff this up. To the unknowing eye, however, they look upside down, but the closure flap is actually mean to be at the ‘bottom’ otherwise the kindle is upside down in the case.
  • I tried to cover the elastic…even though I wasn’t fussed on elastic for the closure to begin with. Comments on the tute revealed a few people had covered the elastic used in the design (it holds the whole thing together). I liked that idea because black or white elastic would not match my fabric. I tried it and failed. I got the elastic covering right but stitched the elastic in place too tight causing ugly pulling of the case itself (cord is stretchy remember). I also just didn’t like the way it worked with the case. It felt like I was man-handling my Kindle just to get the cover on and get it in place.
  • Velcro was not the perfect alternative. I got annoyed, pulled it all apart, removed the elastic, and stitched in some velcro instead. This solution is better than the elastic but it still has its flaws. Because the case has stiff cardboard in it to open the velcro requires a jarring rip, as opposed to a gentle tear. And my velcro stitching was not really hard wearing this time round (woops), so not two minutes ago I noticed that the velcro is now coming OFF *sigh*. As this blog goes live I will be taking the cover downstairs to remove the velcro and have one last go at getting a decent closure. I am thinking cord elastic and button is the simplest solution (with the least unpicking). Wish me luck!
Anyways, here are the pictures. Despite all the problems I really do love the fabric 🙂
I removed all the velcro and installed a button and ribbon. I just was not to be satisfied until this was in a state that I would actually use it. I’m now very happy 😀

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