Sewing caddy and machine covers

My boyfriend has my car because his clutch keeled over and died, the bins need to go out, and I am on a Harry Potter run at the moment and keep reaching subconsciously for my Kindle. BUT, I have ordered myself to sit down and write a post before I put out bins and shut out reality (wingardium leviosa!) because this latest post should have went up days ago! The delay did, however, result in more parts being added to this little project…and I am quite please with the result. It started with me deciding I wanted an under machine sewing caddy/mat. I had seen one somewhere in passing and then managed to find it again and track down the pattern on Etsy (my first time there!). You can find the pattern here:

Anyways so I got to making it. As a beginner, the basic structure and design was fine, but my earlier post Battling Through was mostly about this project. Bias tape is NOT my friend. In fact, while this project is ‘finished’, I will probably one day unpick the main border and redo it because despite the pretty front side (the one that counts), the underside is a joke! Also, in my removable thread catcher (which is already proving very handy), if you were to turn it out again, there is alot of clumped thread in there *hangs head in shame*. It was a long night when I finished that part and I decided I was NOT redoing it! Finally, only yesterday I noticed a hole in the top of my thread catcher, again in the bias tape *sigh* so I have to patch that. Bias tape will be avoided from here on in.

Anyway, despite all that drama, I really love the actual item, how it looks on my sewing space, the fabric choices, and the use I am going to get out of it. I know everyone picks their own work to pieces and that for a beginner I have probably actually done a pretty good job of what is probably an intermediate design…so I am proud and pleased! Here it is:


The bowl shaped part is the removable thread bin and how cute is the little pin cushion! 🙂

Anyway, a few days after finishing this I was noticing how untidy the space looked even when everything is away. It is in an open plan dining and living room, the main part of my little town house. With both the sewing machine and overlocker there it just looked cluttered. I then did a quick inventory of my fabric from the caddy and realised I had enough left to make covers!


I am so pleased with how it looks now!

The machine cover was very basic, pattern found here:

And for the overlocker I just took the ugly plastic cover that came with it (don’t those covers make a room look like its been neglected after a mad scientist has mysteriously disappeared??), and simply cut it up to make a template for the new one.

I have to say I am pleased with myself haha. Using the overlocker on all the seams made me feel like they will last a lot longer, and the whole cover project took one evening…maybe 3 hours total. I’m getting better at this! 😀

Ok, NOW I can go back to Hogwarts…where I truly belong at the moment lol.



6 thoughts on “Sewing caddy and machine covers

  1. excellent! I want one of those machine mat/thread catcher dealies so bad but my machine is on top of a set of drawers that I use often…. so I keep trying to think of a place to move the machine to with no success – but out of all the patterns I’ve seen I like this one you picked the best!

    also – Harry potter on a kindle…? I want.

    • You know, I may have a solution for you! I posted a pic of the caddy on a sewing facebook page and some ladies were discussing altering the pattern so that it hangs sideways to the right or left of the sewing machine. I think that would definitely work for drawers!

      As for Harry Potter…well its not an official release, more of a downloaded pdf copy *looks guilty*. That’s not to say that I won’t be paying for the official one the very second it is released….no matter what the cost that baby will be mine lol. I’m just impatient. No idea why they are taking so long to release it!

    • Much to my disbelief, the very day after I finished re-reading the copied Harry Potter books on my Kindle, they FINALLY released the official ones. They can now be purchased here:


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