Baby shower presents!

A friend of mine is having a baby. There aren’t many babies in my life, which is a shame as a beginner sewist (but also a relief…I only have so much time for sewing!). Anyways I was super excited to have some baby stuff to make, and this is the little bundle I put together over a few weeks:

At the back there is one of my neck pillows for mum 🙂 To the right is a pillowcase dress with matching nappy cover in flannel for baby (she will be an autumn/winter baby so the flannel means it’s a dress she may get to wear, unfortunately the nappy cover came out looking too small but I threw it in anyway).

On the left is my fave part, a soft Golden Book (The Tawny Scrawny Lion).I bought it as a fabric panel and put it together using quilting batting. I have more pics I will have to add later…I don’t have the right camera with me. The Golden Book was a real hit, and I hope to make more in the future! 😀

Neck pillow pattern found here (I think she then links to the original source):

The pillowcase dress lives here:

And the nappy cover here:

The Golden Book is purchased as a ‘fabric panel’ and the instructions are included. I got mine from a Facebook store, however as I have since had some potential requests I have also found them at 🙂


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