As promised, the new mug!

My new mug arrived today! The Sewing Mug, for me to always have at my side at the machine.

It took a couple of weeks for me to find the right mug from a place I trusted to buy. I am sure there are thousands of sewing themed mugs out there, but since they are not sold in stores that match their theme, rather they are just in stores that sell mugs, they weren’t easy to find. When I finally did find this one I had to bid on it *looks shocked*. I have been ‘buying it now’ for so long that I definitely did not appreciate the uncertainty. In the end I won it though, and it totalled about $16 including delivery from the UK…winner!

When I found this I was just thrilled with how perfect it was. It is clearly ‘my’ mug:

Can you guess what my last name might be? Excitement plus!

With time I hope to find a second cutesy sewing mug, but until the perfect one comes along, this one is perfect. And it held up well to the first test. The only problem I encountered had nothing to do with the mug. When I finally got it home to test I had ran out of milk! 😦

My usual english breakfast was replace by a way too excitable peppermint tea…and I was devastated (first world problems indeed). But all is well! I am at work now with my stripy mug and plenty of milk and my sewing mug will get some proper use tonight.

Yay! 🙂


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