Battling through

This weekend was interesting! I knocked together a ‘quick’ gift (quick meaning under half a day lol), and continued on something I started over a week ago: a hanging caddy mat for under the machine which will hold tools and notions and have a removable thread bin. I got the pattern off Etsy and its going to look lovely if you can look past the messy parts and the cotton clumping that I will know lives inside the lining, even if noone can tell *sigh*. The fabric is beautiful but these are my problems:

  • Bias binding. I hear awful things about it on blogs, web pages and FB groups all the time but had never tried it. It is truly horrible, especially if thin and folding over two layers of fabric AND a layer of batting. If I never have to use it again I will be a happy woman. I dont think I will be that lucky.
  • Sewing machine needle breakage. I can handle this, things break. What I can’t handle is the broken tip flying up and hitting under my eye, missing my eyeball by about 3mm. Had to just replace the needle and keep right on sewing…if I walked away to think about it I may have never touched the machine again lol
  • Thread clumping on the underside on thicker fabric. I have sewn through some pretty thick stuff. It clumps under there occasionally but not much and I can usually figure out why. Yesterday, however, I just could not win!  I also did not have the patience to Google or figure it out properly so it will get resolved at a later time I think. I got results that were close enough in the end.
  • Creating a lined bag of any sort. I can’t stand having to create a cylindrical bag with a square OR circular base. Some gathering or bunching of fabric is to be expected and is part of the ‘look’ but I always feel like I am winging it instead of doing it precisely and there is always an obvious point of overkill: a distinct “gathered” look in one spot. Arrrggghhhh!

I think that’s about the extent of my complaints lol. It was a rough weekend but I still love it. Some parts are definitely getting easier.

Another fellow beginner sewist summed it up nicely this weekend:

“When things are going well, sewing makes me feel peaceful and calm. When I’m feeling challenged, well, I don’t feel quite as peaceful, but I still feel calm, like everything’s going to be okay if I just be patient.  Sewing is good for me, I think.”

You can view her blog here:  🙂

Anyways, that’s about it for this post. Hopefully I will have some more project posts up soon…a few things I have done lately have been gifts so I do not want to post them until they have been given 🙂

Byes! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Battling through

  1. I know how you feel! another lesson I’ve learned – don’t try to freehand, just don’t. always use a pattern 🙂 I tried to make a cuter shirt from a gross big tshirt the other day – ended up throwing it out and feeling defeated. I’ll leave the free style sewing to future me, it about 20 years!

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