Notebook cover

I stayed up last night finishing this one and it is not perfect, but I absolutely love it! 😀

I am going to have to find a way to close the little pocket I want to keep my usb in. This is a merge of two different tutorials I found, one was the right size for my needs with no pockets, so I found another one with pockets but for a smaller notepad. When I scaled up the pockets they were not tight enough to hold the usb…it comes flying out. I have unpicked this thing so many times there is no way I am doing it again, so I am going to try and track down some ‘Fusion Velcro’ which apparently adheres with heat 🙂



love the colours! 🙂

The tutorials I used to make this are:

(this one gave me the pocket system on the left interior)

and another WordPress blogger:

(this one was the right size and also gave directions for the contrast stripe.

I was also quite pleased with myself as neither of these tutes used a snap fastener. It wasn’t an easy task to get the measurements right, but the snap close was my own doing! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Notebook cover

  1. Usb pocket problem solved! ‘Fusion Velcro’ didn’t seem readily available in Aus, so I decided to try ordinary adhesive velcro. Its not recommended for fabric…specifically garments. However, this item is different and will on ever be hand washed (if at all). Anyways it was bothering me, so I took a look in the stationary cupboard at work and there was a huge ball of tangled velcro lol. Who knows what it was even there for, but 3 inches are now in my notebook cover. It adhered SO well…I’m very happy with the result

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