Sewing antiques and oddities

When I decided to start sewing I also finally had an excuse to start collecting something. I had been watching a lot of ‘Pawn Stars’ at the time and have always loved antiques, but had never picked a particular thing to collect. And you should never just collect any antique…hording is a mental illness! 😛

Anyways I was umming and ahhing over whether or not to get my Nanna’s old pinking shears sharpened, or to buy new ones. In the end I made the decision to keep them as the beginning of my sewing antiques and oddities collection, more for sentimental reasons than for their true value…they are probably not collectible at all.

Since then I have made two very cute purchases I am very happy with, I love unique pieces! They are a promotional mini sewing kit from the confectionary ‘Life Savers’ called ‘Stitch Savers’, and a quite old dress form pin cushion, with measuring tape in the base and a thimble affixed to the top.

I love these! The perfect beginning 🙂


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