The work space

I live in a two bedroom town house. My uni student boyfriend pretty much lives with me most of the time. The house is not big enough for the two of us. When he finishes uni we can afford a bigger home, but for now we make do with what space we have. We share the second bedroom as a study and its fine…but my sewing stuff just wouldn’t fit in there and there is no room for a big table for cutting….I don’t need him wheeling his desk chair over my cuttings!

I bought a bigger desk in the hope that would help, but the solution came when we temporarily stored my old desk downstairs in the open plan dining room. The dining room is now also my work space and I am just thrilled that we are both content with it…he tends to like a minimalist look 🙂

This is the desk (and dining table) when everything is away:

The sewing machine is stashed behind the plastic drawers of notions. The big bottom drawer on the bottom left is current use fabrics (all surplus will be stashed in the study wardrobe, garage etc). The white cupboard on the left is actually the food pantry because the kitchen is tiny (lol), and the ironing board is stashed beside that. Theres bits and pieces in other drawers and I guess I can be glad that as a beginner I don’t have much stuff yet.

This is my sewing machine bag, which I love! My basic machine didn’t have a case and that just bothered me:

And this is the work station set up and ready to go! 🙂

The dining table is perfect for cutting and I can watch TV across in the living room as well…very happy! 🙂


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