A bargain…and a project!

Since starting this thing, I have been taking my time with non-clothing projects before taking the leap to wearables. I’m nervous and there are plenty of other things to make anyway. I also wanted a dressmaking form, but without buying a new one in case my new hobby dies a quick death. I wasn’t seeing much luck for a cheap one…even second hand ones are extremely popular. Then I went to the local Recycle Centre just to look for sewing notions and any little sewing antiques (I’ll write a whole other blog on sewing antiques soon). Look what I found for $20!!!


I am so happy with this purchase!
It is actually wayyy grubbier than it looks in to pics. Very dirty, dusty material. Very rusted ‘neck’. A bit rickety and missing at least one of the inner nuts. No stand. But I am turning it into a project of sorts. I’m going to clean off all the rust, clean inside and out as best I can and see what I can do with the adjustable parts. Then I am going to adjust it to a size smaller than me and use batting and interfacing (or whatever…I’m new at this!) to pad it out to my size and shape. Then I am going to find a really nice stretchy material and make a slip for it to hold everything in place and make it pretty 🙂

The stand might be a bit difficult. It needs one for when I want to drape anything, but doesnt necessarily have to be tall. I might start with an old pedestal fan and keep an eye out for something better. In the meantime it can just sit on my sewing desk and make me feel all warm and fuzzy at my bargain hunting skills.

I’ll post updates! 🙂


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